Chairman's Desk

In an endeavor to develop a Centre of Excellence, the synergy of complete educational institute should generate top-of-mind awareness to various segments of the society. The aspiring and ambitious young generation should look forward to a value-based institutional set up with discipline, integrity, and on top pleasing manners. These sterling elements in character, as we know, are very rare in these days. Multitude of students, who lack opportunity to receive the best of education, just beat about the bush. They become confused before stepping into a right track. With this purpose, IMPS Educational Trust which was established during 2000, has founded IMPS College of Engineering and Technology in 2003. It passed through hitches arid glitches to reach a height of glory. The Technical and Research discipline, will, I am sure be quite intriguing in the universe of true education compare with best in the world. The learning process and motivation with interest will enlarge the vision that is.... The Institute has been located in Malda to add new dimension to North Bengal and adjoining states.

                                                                      The cream of faculty provides guidance with qualitative aspects to build careers acceptable to ‘blue chip organization’. The scholars should also be groomed to become entrepreneur in their own initiative. IMPS College of Engineering and Technology --the pathway leads to progress with livewire passion and dynamism.
Mr. B. Bhattacharjee
M-Tech (Civil), MBA