Centre For Career Planning And Development (CCPD)

Center for Career Planning and Development (CCPD) works as the heart of IMPS College OF Engineering AND Technology, of West Bengal. As Heart pumps blood to all the part of body in the same way CCPD pumps opportunities to all the students related to Training, Placement and Corporate Interface. The establishment of CCPD at IMPS College OF Engineering AND Technology was with the goal to construct and advance the Industry-Academy Relation. This Relation ensures the implementation of industry’s current trends among the students and help in training students with the feedback shared by industry personal. CCPD is standing on four strong and important pillars that are continuously working towards matching the standards of industries and achieving the mission of IMPS College OF Engineering AND Technology, of West Bengal The four Pillars are:

  1. Training and Development
  2. Placement Cell
  3. Entrepreneurship Development
  4. Applied Research